Transforming a Family Wedding Venue

For the past decade, The Emerald has been the preferred choice for countless couples seeking an exceptional wedding reception venue. Located in Thomastown, Victoria. The Emerald is a one-of-a-kind destination that offers a comprehensive range of services, making it a convenient and all-encompassing solution for your wedding needs.
The need for a complete rebranding effort

For the past five years, The website displayed a perpetual "New Site Coming Soon" message, leaving potential customers feeling disconnected and disappointed. The lack of a functional online presence hindered their ability to engage with the brand, resulting in missed opportunities and a heavy reliance on word-of-mouth referrals. To address this issue, a complete rebranding and website overhaul was necessary to integrate the brand's identity into all aspects of the wedding experience
New approach

As the Solo-Lead designer, my objective was clear: to craft an inspiring brand that embodies consistent and visually cohesive branding, authentically reflecting the true aesthetic and style of The Emerald. My focus was on creating branding that exemplifies the meticulous care and thoughtfulness that couples can expect when they booked this venue.
My mission was to position The Emerald as the premier wedding venue in the area. However, a challenge surfaced as most people naturally searched for venues in Melbourne, not specifically in Thomastown. Yet, I saw this as an opportunity to leverage our unique advantage and present The Emerald as a hidden gem venue in Thomastown.
Building a website that showcases The Emerald's core values

​​​​​​​For the website, I started a design sprint with stakeholders, diving deep into the core problems and exploring potential solutions. We defined our target users, their pain points, and the unique market dynamics of Thomastown. With solution sketches, storyboarding, and wireframes, we crafted a website that captured the essence of The Emerald. But we didn't stop there. We put our creations to the test, gathering feedback from 10 potential and past customers through usability testing.
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Unconventional Elegance: Green and Orange

I chose green as my primary colour because, unlike other precious stones, emeralds are only green. Additionally, the complementary nature of green and orange on the colour wheel creates an appealing contrast that adds visual interest and balance to the overall design. For marketing, I used a combination of the Cormorant typeface for headings and the legible Inter typeface for body copy. Due to development requirements, for the website the chosen typography was Playfair Display for headings and Inter for body texts.
The Emerald's success story continues to unfold.

Following the redesign, The Emerald has experienced an incredible transformation, resulting in a notable increase in bookings and driving overall customer satisfaction and business growth. As the solo designer, my contributions were crucial in this journey, culminating in successfully handing off the website for development to developers. The redesign has played a pivotal role in attracting couples and solidifying The Emerald as a strong competitor wedding venue. It has been immensely fulfilling to witness the positive impact of the redesign on the venue's success.

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