The “Communication Breakdown”

Thomas Archer is a boutique design and custom home-building company based in Melbourne. In 2023, they approached Relab Studios for assistance with their Figma web design files, built by their graphic design team, which had encountered issues during the development process. 

After receiving the files, I identified common mistakes: no use of components, treating elements individually rather than as reusable entities, using many different styles and colours, complex Photoshop-like techniques that were difficult to replicate in CSS/HTML, and a lack of layer organisation and naming conventions, resulting in confusion and frustration for developers.
My approach

To address the identified issues, I embarked on a systematic process of redesigning each page, with a strong focus on consistency. Constant communication and regular progress reviews with Relab's in-house developer allowed for seamless collaboration.
I established clear design patterns, integrated reusable components, and prioritised adherence to naming conventions, facilitating efficient collaboration between designers and developers.

Throughout the project, my primary objective was to achieve not only visual appeal but also functional design, considering critical factors such as responsiveness, accessibility, and user experience. The ultimate goal was to deliver a final product that surpassed expectations in terms of both aesthetics and functionality.

Check the new website at the following link
Delivering a seamlessly integrated design for project success

Acting as a bridge between developers and graphic designers, I simultaneously tackled design and decision-making from a development perspective. I successfully delivered a final design that seamlessly integrated visual aesthetics with functionality, thereby contributing to the overall success of the project.

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